Local Phone Service For Business

We provide a wide variety of features that help businesses simplify their communications systems, increase efficiency, and decrease costs.

We help your company save money on local and long-distance calling. Choose one of our unlimited calling plans, and we can handle all of your outbound and inbound calling needs at a price that’s hard to match.

Long-Distance For Business

Flexible Plans
Whether you manage a small home office with one phone line or represent a corporation with offices throughout the country, our plans are tailored to meet all your calling needs. In addition, unlike our competition, we install and provision all the phones for our customers.

Competitive Rates
We offer some of the industry’s lowest rates. We also provide toll-free services, along with a full array of advanced toll-free features.

Flexible Billing
One invoice covers all services and can be sent at your choice by either e-mail or first class mail, or accessed on-line. It’s that easy!

Bitcom’s Voice over Internet Communications (V.O.I.C.E.)

Comprises VoIP solutions designed to address the needs of small business to corporate customers. Economical and easy to use, Bitcom V.o.I.C.E. solutions reduce total telecom costs and increase employee productivity, both in and out of the office. With unmatched flexibility and highly adaptive features, it is the most powerful and most customizable VoIP platform available.

IP Phones and CPE for Business

We have evolved into the telecom solutions provider, offering both voice and data connectivity, as well as provide the phone systems and customer premises devices. that make our one-stop-shop approach possible. We have continued to adapt to technological change in the industry and are now in a position to offer businesses the latest generation of IP based telephones.

Our Sources
Today, with more than 20 years of telephone systems and CPE experience under our belt, we provide cutting edge IP telephones and teleconferencing solutions..
Flexibility for Our Customers
All our systems provide the latest in features and functionality, and will support call center solutions, IVR applications, and the ability to network multiple locations.

More from Bitcom
In addition to telephones and telephone systems, Bitcom also provides a wide array of network communication products and devices that work in conjunction with the IP phones. They include routers, analog telephone adapters (ATA), integrated access devices (IAD), and other telecom voice and data network related customer premises equipment (CPE).

Contact us directly with your specific CPE needs and we will be happy to discuss your options.

Integrated Circuits for Business

Getting the Most from Broadband
Broadband can combine voice and data functionality. The data component is usually Internet access, but can also include frame relay and private line functionality as well.