Rural Health Services

As an approved “telecommunications carrier” by the FCC, BitCom can assist qualifying “Rural Heath Providers” to participate in the USAC’s Rural Health Care Reimbursement Fund. This program was authorized under the 1966 Telecommunications Act and allows Rural Health Care Providers to obtain voice and data services at rates no higher than their urban counterparts. These discounts can significantly lower your telecommunications cost for your organization.

If you’re a small rural clinic or a regional medical center with multiple sites BitCom offers a wide range of services and products for all your voice and data needs. BitCom specializes in migrating your voice and data into a self-healing Broadband MPLS network that will save you money and make your employees more efficient and productive.

Today’s telemedicine keeps evolving; you can now send radiology files, X-rays, and medical records, between offices that they could have never done before. BitCom can design and build a WAN network that has feature-rich benefits while taking into account the funding available from the USAC – RHCD program. If you’re not currently participating in the USAC reimbursement program then ask your BitCom representative for a free consultation on to save more money and have a better network for your employees and patients.